How To Prepare Your Pool For Florida Hurricane Season.

How To Prepare Your Pool For Florida Hurricane Season.

As it starts to get hotter in Florida, the weather starts to get a little crazier. Pretty soon we'll be welcoming in hurricane season with bated breath, and a couple of boxes of supplies, like we Floridians, do every year. But what about those of us who own a pool? What is the best way to prep your pool for the hurricane season here in Florida? Well, we have a few tips on how to make sure your pool survives the harsh weather we're bound to get at some point this season.

Don't buy into fear tactics of draining your pool before the storm hits! It's mostly people who live out of state who suggest this, and it's not something you want to do. The water in the pool acts as a weight system that keeps your pool in place. Without the water to keep everything grounded, if the winds are strong enough they can pull the walls and bottom out of your pool and leave you with a giant hole in the ground - but no pool. As well as keeping the pool structure in place, it also keeps the finish of the pool looking nice. If it was out in the open, flying debris could easily cause massive damage to the finish.

If your pool is in a screened in enclosure, it's essential to create your own air pocket by removing one or a couple of the screens before the storm hits. This will make it, so there is less of a chance of the screens being popped out by force of the stormwinds since you already created an escape for all the excess wind being blown through your backyard.

Make sure to shock your pool! Super chlorinate your pool before AND after the storm. This will make sure you avoid any contamination with stormwater and debris that may enter your pool during the storm.

Manually shut off any electric power that's out near the pool. This means pumps too, and they should also be covered with plastic or wholly removed if flooding becomes an issue.

Try your best NOT to put your patio furniture/lawn chairs/etc. Inside the pool water during the storm! This could damage your furniture as well as potentially damage your pool. Any loose items outside should be brought indoors or into a locked shed for safekeeping during the storm. If there is absolutely no way in moving certain objects indoors and you can't bear to part with them, putting them in the pool is the last choice you should have.

Skim your pool before using a pool vacuum to clean it out. A skimmer with a large net can get out much more debris at once than the vacuum and doesn't require any electric to use it.

Hurricane season will be here before we know it, so make sure your pool is prepared this summer for a storm or two! Premier Pool and Spa is here to help with and pool repairs or remodeling. Contact our office today! 

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