Makeover Spa for Winter

Makeover Spa for Winter

Have a hot tub and don't plan on getting a whole lot of use out of is this winter? Well, winter is coming! Fall will be over before we know it and with colder temperatures comes preparing for it. Whether you're a snowbird who leaves the cold for warmer spots, or you stay put and brave through the cold months; it's essential to make sure your spa is ready for it. Makeover your spa now and have no worries come winter time!

There are a few materials one will need to keep their outdoor spa in reasonable working order and ready for use when it warms up again. This consists of a sump pump, shop vac, filter cleaner, hot tub cleaner, and a cover cleaner. It's not recommended to do this type of work on your own if you're not sure what you're doing. In this case, calling a professional would be the best option. This saves you money on the purchase of supplies and removes any risk of breaking the spa completely. 

However, there are a few things someone can do themselves to ensure their spa stays in good shape. Purchasing a good, reliable cover is one of the most important things. This works exceptionally well if one plans to use their hot tub in the winter months. The air-tight seal of a well-made cover will make sure the water remains at a warm, comfortable temperature even if the ground is covered in snow. 

Checking on the water is also very crucial to surviving the colder than average days. This means monitoring the level, keeping the water clean, and changing the water. If the water level in the spa is too low, this could cause main components to freeze up and no longer run properly - if at all. The same goes for changing the water; if it's due for a water change while it's freezing temperatures, this could end in a long day with a broken spa. It's best to finish that task while it's still warmer out. 

Following these tips and contacting a professional to help with the more significant makeover projects is the best way to ensure your spa is in pristine shape come time to turn up those jets again. 

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