Pool Care with Pets

Pool Care with Pets

Have you ever had your dog swim in your pool? Do you want to include them in the family fun? Sure, it can be enjoyable to swim with your dog, but is it safe? As long as you keep your pool clean so you can still have fun with your dog!

Dogs naturally produce oils, dirt, and fecal matter. That stays on them all the time, and when they go swimming in your pool, it gets into the water. This is why chlorine is needed.

Your pool maintenance needs to increase if you’re going to allow your dog to swim in your pool. Be sure to wash your pool filters, cleaning them thoroughly, and even sanitizing them if necessary.

Dog hair often ends up in pools and can get caught up in the filters and skimmer baskets. These need to be emptied daily, if not, you could seriously damage your pool equipment.

Make sure that your pool is chemically balanced at all times. Take a water sample if necessary, and have it tested at your local pool store. It should be checked weekly that it has the right amount of chlorine in it.

Be sure also to check if your pool water is circulating. It is useful when your pool water is clear, and you can see the bottom of your pool. When it’s cloudy, check the chemicals and make sure it’s okay before actually swimming in the pool.

We all love our pets, and we love spending time with them and having fun. But, sometimes having fun involves a little bit of extra work! Take care of your pool and your pets, and you’ll be able to have as much fun as you want!

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