Pool Light Safety Tips

Pool Light Safety Tips

Taking a relaxing dip in a pool is a fantastic way to cool off and enjoy time with friends and family. Safety is an extreme concern when it comes to enjoying your swimming pool, especially here in Florida. Each year thousands of people are injured or lose their lives in a residential or neighborhood pool. One thing people often overlook is the importance of installing pool and spa lights correctly.

Swimming in the day is fantastic, but it is magical to swim at night under the stars. Pool lights allow us to extend the summer fun into the evening hours. They can create a beautiful ambiance with endless designs and colors. It can be an enjoyable past time to take advantage of the pool lights as long as the lights are safely installed.

Two different voltages can be used for lighting a swimming pool or spa. A 12-volt system is the safest option because of the low dosage of electricity and will cause less harm should an accident occur. For brighter lighting, a 120-volt system can be installed. A licensed electrician must install pool lighting.

There are so many options on the market today when it comes to choosing lights for your pool or spa. Keep in mind the casing around the lights need to be a sturdy material and not cheap plastic that can crack and break down over time. It is best to talk with your contractor to make sure you are getting the proper equipment.

Swimming should always be a fun and relaxing activity at any hour of the day. The best way to ensure your lighting system is safe is to have top of the line products installed by a professional. Contact Premier Pool and Spa, and we can take care of all of your pool lighting needs.

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