Preparing Your Pool for a Hot Florida Summer

Preparing Your Pool for a Hot Florida Summer

Summer is just about here and is the ideal time to enjoy spending time relaxing and splashing in the pool. There are only a few things that should be done to start enjoying and relaxing in your pool. If your pool is not maintained correctly, it could turn green very quickly and can be very unpleasant and unsafe.

Have you ever gotten ready and excited about taking a refreshing dip in your pool only to go out and find the water is green and nasty?

A green pool can take a few days after treatment to completely clear up, putting a damper on our Summer plans. The most common reason a pool is green is because of an algae bloom. Algae spores are always entering pool water, but sometimes when it rains heavily for days, and the conditions are just right, the algae can flourish and entirely overrun the water. Sometimes it can happen almost overnight with seemingly no warning.

Preventing algae from entering your pool is virtually impossible, but there are ways to avoid a full-blown algae bloom.

  • Maintain the proper level of chemicals - When chlorine levels drop too low, algae can quickly get out of hand. Maintaining appropriate levels of chlorine as well as adding algaecide can keep the green water at bay.
  • Brush your pool - It is recommended to brush (and vacuum if possible) the walls, steps, and floor of your pool at least once a week to loosen any contaminates that could turn it green.
  • Keep if free of harmful chemicals - detergents, fertilizers, and pesticides could be the cause of algae blooms. Be careful using these chemicals around your pools.
  • Maintain proper filtration and circulation - Keeping the water flowing and filtered properly can prevent extreme algae growth. Make sure skimmer baskets are free from debris and that the filtration system is running at peak performance.
  • Hire a professional - Pool maintenance crews have cleaning and adequately maintaining swimming pools down to a science. By weekly scheduling maintenance, worrying about a green pool can be a distant memory.

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