Quick Tips to Get Your Florida Pool in Shape This Spring

Quick Tips to Get Your Florida Pool in Shape This Spring

Spring means the snow has finally all melted for most of the country, and the flowers are only a matter of a few weeks away from blooming. In terms of swimming pools, though, Spring means dusting off old pool equipment and opening your pool for the upcoming warmer months.

For those of us in Central Florida, Spring means swimming season is here. With that comes a different set of “opening” procedures.

Our winter presents its challenges to pools. The main culprit is the high winds that blow in a mass of debris over a three or four-month period. With the influx of debris comes hazards like clogged pumps, skimmer baskets, excess dirt, and elevated phosphates.

Here are a few tips to get your Florida pool in shape this Spring:

1. Use a phosphate remover
Suppose your pool is on the receiving end of a lot of organic debris like leaves, sticks, dirt, or even dead rodents and lizards. In that case, your pool’s phosphate levels will naturally increase as well. Why’s that important? As phosphate levels increase, so does the inability of chlorine to do its magic in sanitization. Purchase a bottle of phosphate remover and, per the instructions, pour directly into the pool, and allow to circulate upwards of 24 hours. Your pool may quickly become cloudy, but that’s common in pools with high-phosphate.

2. Acid wash the pool
Again, if your pool took a beating in terms of twigs, berries, or leaves sitting on the bottom of the pool, we’re sure you saw some ugly stains too. Organic stains are normal and usually lift over time, but as we head into the warm months where debris lessens, you want your pool looking its best. That’s why it might be a good idea to acid wash the pool leaving it back to a blue sparkle.

3. Call Premier Pool & Spa
Call the professionals at Premier Pool & Spa for a full Spring swimming pool evaluation and have us take care of all the details to get your pool in swimming shape for the Florida spring.

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