What Kind of Pool Maintenance Needs to Be Done in a Florida Winter?

What Kind of Pool Maintenance Needs to Be Done in a Florida Winter?

If you are a pool owner in Florida, you are lucky to use your pool more than most Americans throughout the year. Unless your pool is heated, you probably have to hang your swimsuit up for the winter months. Caring for your pool is essential even when you are not using it, and maintenance is a little different in the cooler months of the year.

Even though you are not using your pool, it doesn't mean you can slack off. You need to clean, vacuum it, and keep the filter free of debris just like you do in the Summer. Make sure to empty the filter basket and clean leaves and any trash floating on top.

Suppose your pool is taking a little vacation from use. In that case, you must remove all pool toys and accessories from the water and surrounding area. Float, noodles, and diving toys cannot remain if a cover is extended over the pool. Make sure to remove any non-permanent ladders and lights as well.

Monitor the water level and chemicals. It is easy to forget to check on your pool if you aren't using it. Winter is also known as the dry season in Florida, which means it doesn't rain as much. Check the water level periodically and add water if needed. The filter and other systems can be damaged if the water level gets too low. The chemicals should be the same as three are in the Summer.

Use a pool cover. This isn't an absolute must, but it helps cut down on the weekly cleaning time, keeps water from evaporating as fast, and keeps the chemicals balanced. It should cover the entire pool with no gaps or holes to allow debris in. There are many types of pool covers, depending on your needs. Solar blankets are also a great option to help warm your pool in the Spring and Fall to help extend usage.

It is vital to keep your pool maintained year-round. Premier Pool And Spa are here to help you with any of your pool repair needs. Contact our office today for more information.

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